Guest Management of your property

HTP Hotels includes a hotel property management system (PMS) to manage your lodging. Many powerful features are designed to help you enhance your productivity.

All relevant information about guests, reservations and inventory are easily accessible. Data can be downloaded and exported to other programmes. Our API allows integration into external systems.

System Specs

  • Security
  • Cloud Server
  • Widgets

All our SSL certificates are PCI compliant and provide your guests with the security they need. The bigger the key, the harder it is to decode. The precise encryption value of our SSL falls into the 128-bit to 256-bit range. Most browsers/operating systems work at 128-bit level, which is quite secure according to modern security standards. 256-bit encryption level can be reached if numerous factors match — when your site's hosting settings and your visitors' browser settings are configured to operate at 256-bit level — but this is mostly out of your control.

Unlike dedicated servers, cloud servers can be run on a hypervisor. The role of a hypervisor is to control the capacity of operating systems so it is allocated where needed. With cloud hosting there are multiple cloud servers which are available to each particular client. This allows computing resource to be dedicated to a particular client if and when it is necessary. Where there is a spike in traffic, additional capacity will be temporarily accessed by a website, for example, until it is no longer required. Cloud servers also offer more redundancy. If one server fails, others will take its place.

Guests can enter their booking requirements into the booking box and a click to connect to your secure HTP Hotels booking page where they can process the booking. Our widget designer lets you customise booking boxes to seamlessly integrate into your website.


HTP Hotels has changed my motel in ways no one else could. Our sales are up and expenses are down. The easy of using the PMS Pro has decreased training hours. Glad we foud HTP Hotels

Jaspers Restaurant and Motel
Troy A. Adams CEO of Jasper's Jasper's Restaurant & Motel

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