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    Property Management System
    PMS Pro is designed to manage your hotel guest profiles.
    From $13.99/month. Mobile friendly. Multi-language.
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    SEO Website Development
    Our SEO hosting and development solutions are carefully crafted to
    deliver the highest quality SEO hosting and development.
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    Voice Over IP
    Our voice over IP allows you to make and receive virtually unlimited calls
    using your regular phones for just $19.99 per month.

Hotel Door Locks

No Keys, No cards, No Fees
Integrates with PMS Pro

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Merchant Account

Everything you need to
accept credit cards.

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Hotel Networks

Professional-grade WiFi
managed in the Cloud.

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Hotel advisory and actionable
consulting services

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What Our Clients Say

HTP Hotels -

Like any business, a hotel is similar to a complex machine. Composed of many parts, it functions optimally when each facet runs in harmony with the others. This is best accomplished when the organization as a whole is maintained and tended by those with experience as well as integrity. We realize that every hotel, be it an independent property or part of a sizable chain, is a unique entity with specific needs. And our hands-on approach guarantees an open and accessible relationship with our clients. So get in touch with us today and find out how, together, we can make your brand the best it can be.


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